Comic 60 - Handy Silence

8th Apr 2019, 3:00 AM in Angsty Teen
Handy Silence
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Author Notes:

RaesDL 8th Apr 2019, 3:00 AM edit delete
Sorry it's been so long since we last posted. I was working on my computer one morning, and my husband spooked our dog. She then jumped into my arm as I was about to drink coffee. The coffee then took out my screen, just my screen. It took a while, but I finally fixed it. But it's pretty hard to work on a computer without a screen.

Anyway, here we are with the next comic. When you travel through Ballora's Gallery, you hear her sad song. It's called "Crumbling Dreams." You can hear it here. We got the musical signature here. My first impression of Ballora was just meh. Then as I started to question her existence in the game, I started to dig, and now I think she may just have one of the saddest stories to tell....but that's for another comic. She is intimidating, though, isn't she?
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