Comic 71 - Do You Doubt?

12th Aug 2019, 3:00 AM in Angsty Teen
Do You Doubt?
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Author Notes:

RaesDL 12th Aug 2019, 3:00 AM edit delete
Our part came in sooner than expected, so NEW COMIC! YAY!

And Coleman, dude, calm down!

If you know FNAF, you might just recognize the poster that Coleman pulls out of his drawer. It's from the rare Lefty screen in Pizzeria Simulator. It's our belief that these posters on the wall in the alley are put up to attract the animatronics that show up there, especially since they change as to who shows up.

So what if William worked as a ventriloquist before he started on animatronics? It's not that big of a stretch. The box at the end of FNAF 4 even looks that a ventriloquist's dummy box. And animatronics are like big robot dummies. Maybe he just combined his passions.

Anyway, it's late, so until next week, thank you all for reading this comic. We hit a new record in views last week! And it is all thanks to you guys. We appreciate you so much!
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